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There’s no better aroma in the kitchen than fresh fragrant herbs. Each Spring, I set out to grow basil, thyme, and cilantro in our small patch garden along the south side of the house. Often don’t last half the summer. I forget to water them. They get eaten or get too much sun. I grow tired of trying to rehabilitate them half way through the season. I have so much better success growing indoors. I’m reminded to prune and water the plant every morning as I wake up and make coffee. I actually use the herbs while cooking because they’re right within reach. I feel a sense of pride and joy at growing something so delicious that it fuels me on.

This summer’s indoor window box basil has been exceedingly plentiful. I didn’t grow tomatoes this year because we’ve been traveling and working on the rest of the landscaping overhaul this year, but plan to begin a vegetable / herb garden again next year. Connor and I have decided to make a “salsa garden” with all the herbs needed to produce a batch. For now, I’ll continue to pinch off leaves here and there for marinara and insalata caprese while it lasts.

Window Box Basil

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